Garden Sundries

The garden sundries  department is on the list of necessities for the modern gardener. With all the problems with weeds and plants failing to grow properly or even falling over. Its a never ending labour of love keeping your garden looking good.

The most common question we hear is I have got weeds which is the best weedkiller? There are lots of choices when it comes to killing weeds. Recently we reduced our range in an attempt to make it easier for you. If you really want to kill a weed off we suggest a systemic weedkiller which can be easily found in our garden sundries department. The room it self is titled Garden Products just follow the green signs.

Strong weed killers for killing strong weeds
Weed control products to kill the most stubborn of weeds. Systemic and contact
Strong weed killer called roundup

When setting out to kill off weeds its best to do your home work. Roundup is the most famous brand that comes to mind for doing this job well. So why does roundup work so well?

Roundup works through  systemic action. This means it is applied on to the leaf and is absorbed down the stem and into the roots. The affects are not obvious at first. The moisture in the weed gives the impression that the weed is still alive. Just like a cut flower in a vase full of water