The Toy Garden Collectable Bears and Clothing

The Toy Garden

Retired nurse Linda always wanted to run her own little business. The days working in the NHS started to have its toll and 5 years ago the opportunity  came to set up The Toy Garden at Duxburys Garden Centre.

Linda started out retailing teddy bears, her reasoning was that people would buy them for family. Over recent years some Charlie Bears have become very collectable with some small ones reaching £2000.  If you were to call in today you would see a giant bear who might be watching your every move and the cost for him? only a mere £3000.  Linda says “call in for a cuddle.” The shop also supplies unique jewelry which make for good gifts ideas for birthdays and celebrations.

The Toy Garden demonstrating a Charlie Bear
The Toy Garden

More Bears

Arriving soon will be Alice Bears and Steiff Bears. Linda ” People are already getting excited and can’t wait to see what is coming in to the shop.”  Did know you can make money from investing in teddy bears? The first rule to remember simply enjoy your bears,  this is the best investment to start with. Make sure you look after them well because this could affect the future value. Also keep the original label or tag otherwise you might be out of pocket later.

Look out for  the new or recent editions. The reason. Sometimes the pretty ones with  low production numbers seem to best. Linda” Many customers are serious collectors and it beats the bank for interest  any day.”

Light bulb moment

As Linda built up her clientele she kept hearing the same words over and over. ” Going in to the town centre is a pain in the neck. Not only that you have to pay for parking.” Linda discovered that clothes shopping was the main reason for going into Preston or any other town centre for that matter.

This  was  a light bulb moment for the owner of The Toy Garden. A clothing supplier needed to be hunted down. Soon after, a decision was made to offer ladies clothing.  Her choice needed to have a point of difference therefore something you couldn’t buy in town.  Importantly  they needed to easily fit the majority as well as be very comfortable, stylish and flattering and above all offer great value for money.

The Toy Garden
A demonstration on ladies clothing by Linda