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Top tips for your planted pots in hot weather

Planted pots looking good? A quick guide to better looking planted pots.

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Proper care is necessary. watering and feeding on a regular basis is a must.


Planted pots can be affected by hot weather  in the  summer months and can bring lots of challenges for amateur gardeners, while some gardeners really get to grips with plant care. Almost looking after their planted pots like their own babies. . One challenge we shall talk about here is the different styles of care between gardeners. Some struggle to keep planted pots looking good all summer long but its not their fault, if you continue to read on you will find some top tips on how to look after your planted pots.

From my observations I see people over watering as well as under watering and both can cause the same symptoms. These symptoms can cause the same outcome and that is normally death to your planted container.

Under watering

Lets us discuss under watering for a moment. This problem is reasonably easy to understand the ultimate result is death of your planted container. Many amateur gardeners simply don’t see the tell tale signs of under watering. They miss out on the  many opportunities to save their planted pots from a slow death. The symptoms  of under watering are not usually limited to planted pots.   Hanging baskets and plants in the flower beds also require the correct care.

So why are the tell tale signs going unnoticed? Generally speaking people tend to choose planted pots as part of an easy maintenance garden, which normally means that either the owner has very little time or little interest. Although some very keen gardeners like the work and are interested in keeping a beautiful garden they manage their plants with ease. Its no surprise that some gardeners struggle and need tips on how to care for their planted pots.

The results of under watering can be halted easily by following the tips below.

1. Every time you walk through your garden cast your eye over your planted pots for signs wilting.

2. Watering is not necessary everyday and its best to give them  about 1 to 2 seconds worth of water from your watering can.

3. A way of testing the planted pot is to stick your finger in the compost and test the moisture.

4. If you find that the compost is moist then leave it alone that day as there will be enough moisture below to keep you plants looking good.


Over watering

The results of over watering can sometimes appear like the symptoms of under watering, which in turn  causes belief that the plants need more water. So the gardener gives more water again and again until the plant literally drowns and dies. Many people have asked us to look at their plants and 9 times out of 10 the dead plant has suffered too much of the good thing we call water. The gardener has been trying to hard and loved their planted pots to death. So what is the best way to avoid this? read the tips below to find out.

  1. check visually before watering for any wilting foliage.

2. stick your finger in and test for moisture.

3. Make sure there is drainage holes in your pots.

4. Experiment with the 1 to 2 second watering tip.



When it comes to feeding its best to use a product like miracle grow, a product like this gives great results. Be aware that you will need to read all of the instructions on the label.


If you would like to buy top quality pots, plants and feed it is useful to go to a garden centre that offers advice on its products.


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