Patio Garden Furniture, Benches, Parasols

Sample patio garden furniture available

When the sun is shining it’s great to enjoy the outdoors. Your patio garden furniture sits there waiting for you and your friends. You have 2 choices, sit and enjoy the peace or invite people round to party. When considering buying patio garden furniture it’s best to do your research. Check out this article which gives useful information on what to look for and what manufacturers can do to cut corners in quality. It also tells you what questions to ask.

Seating for 1 person

Reading or just being? A solitary seat away from the rest of the world is a great place to recoup that lost energy and have some me time.

A chair to hang around in.
Hanging Cacoon Chair ideal for me time, comes with nice comfy shower resistant cushion. Good for bedrooms too. Easy to assemble. 12 months warranty £249.00


Some People are not really looking for big patio sets and a bench will do the job perfectly well. The many types of materials available make for a large choice in benches. The most common is wood. Soft wood or hard wood that is the question? Normally soft wooden benches cost a lot less than premium hard wood versions.

Wooden 2 Seat Bench
An affordable wooden bench for 2 people only £99.00
ratten 2 seat bench
Grey Ratten Bench for 2 people, comes with cushion 10 years warranty only £195

Ratten benches require no maintenance. The one in the picture only requires occasionally washing. Its aluminium frame and 10 years warranty make this modern ratten bench a no brainer for people who like the idea of no maintenance work and piece of mind of a long warranty.

Bistro Sets

There are different styles of garden furniture to sit 2 people comfortably and a 2 bistro with a table is a great way to relax. Sipping wine and reading. Sounds a great idea especially with the reclining feature. Ratten is really popular and more so with the aluminium frames which last for years.

Ratten Bistro Set
2 Seat Bistro Set in grey ratten, ideal for relaxing with its reclining chairs made of aluminium.10 year warranty only £499.00
4 Seat Outdoor set
Katie Blake 4 Seat reclining dining set, made from aluminium frame and ratten. Comes with dark grey parasol and base. 10 years warranty only £999.00

Patio Garden Sets for 4 people

Sometimes its necessary to purchase something bigger. That seats more people in comfort. The 4 seat version of the model above from Katie Blake is ideal for eating out in the summer months. This larger dining set comes with parasol and base included. Delivery service is available on all products and all for less than a taxi fare.

Patio Sets for 6 people

When friends and family call round on a summers evening its always best to be prepared and have ample seating arrangements . A good way is to have a 6 seater dining set. An aluminium framed one from Katie Blake will do the trick. With long lasting ratten and nice comfortable cushions its an easy choice

Out door dining table for 6 people
Katie Blake 6 seat oblong dining set. Made of aluminium and grey ratten. fitted with comfortable shower resistant cushions. Comes with oblong parasol and base. 10 years warranty. Only £1299.00 orders being taken
Patio Garden Furniture
Pacific Lifestyle Corner Suite with poly-wood table. Comfortably seats 7 people on shower resitant deep cushions. Comes with 10 Years Warranty only £1199.00 while stocks last.

Outdoor  seating for more than 6 people

An outdoor corner suite can really add value to the overall look of your garden. Summer nights eating, relaxing, and chatting with friends and family. An aluminium framed version with strong ratten and comfortable shower resistant cushions make for piece of mind. The cushions can easily be stored in a ratten made box.