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Maple Leaf Home-Made Soup

Home-Made Soup

Chefs soup of the day (please see specials board/sheet)

Served with crispy croutons and bread roll and butter pot


Home-made Soup & Sandwich Deal £8.99

Soup of the day served with any of the following plain sandwiches made on Kingsmill White or Brown Bread

Cheese and Tomato

Tuna Mayonnaise

Egg and Salad Cream

Real Roast Ham

Real Chicken

Maple Leaf Mains

Minted Grilled Lamb Chops

Two grilled minted lamb chops served with creamed potatoes or with real chips, fresh vegetables and gravy


(V) Mince Quorn Lasagne

Served with French fries, garlic bread, dressed salad and coleslaw


Maple Leaf Plate Pie of the Day

(Please see specials board) served with real chips, gravy jug and vegetables of the day


Fresh Fleetwood Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Delivered fresh every morning 8oz fillets of fresh fish, we dip in beer batter and deep fry to order, served with real chips, mushy peas, home-made tartar sauce, lemon and buttered bread


Whitby Breaded Whole Tail Scampi

Breaded and deep fried whole tail scampi served with real chips, mushy peas and tartar pot


(V) Mature Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pie

Our famous well filled cheese onion & potato plate pie made with short crust pastry and served with real chips and baked beans


Pan Grilled Omelette

Choice of ham & cheese, cheese & onion cheese, or cheese and mushroom served with real chips or jacket potato, and chefs dressed salad


Ham, Egg and Chips

Hand carved ham served cold with eggs and chips with tomato ketchup dip pot