Gluten Free Menu

There are more people searching for restaurants and asking the same question. Do you have a gluten free menu?

Gluten Free Menu

Our gluten free menu is here to give you piece of mind. With our extensive gluten free menu you are sure to have plenty of choices to recommend to friends and family.

All chutneys and sauces used on our gluten free menu may contain corn-flour, so we always put them into a separate pot, so you can decide if you can eat them or not. Further details are on the products in the farm shop.

All cheeses used on our menu are gluten free as they are freshly grated to order and not bought in grated that has been passed through corn starch.

All deep fried foods are cooked in a separate fryer, designated for gluten free food.

GF Roast Dinners Available Every Sunday

GF Afternoon Teas Available Every Day


Two free range eggs, fried or poached, two slices back bacon, hash brown, gluten free vegetable sausage, plum tomato, bucket of beans & mushrooms, 1 slice gluten toast with butter and jam or marmalade. – £6.99

Scrambled eggs, poached or fried eggs on gluten free toast with hash brown. – £4.99

Add beans to the above. – £1.49

2 eggs or 3 slices bacon or 2 gluten free sausages or mix two plus one hash brown. – £3.99

3 slices of toast with butter and jam or marmalade. – £2.49

Homemade Soup – £4.49

Chef’s soup of the day (please see our Gluten Free specials board) served with a warm roll and butter.

Homemade Soup and Sandwich Deal – £8.99

Gluten free soup of the day served with any of the following sandwiches made on gluten free bread

Just Cheese        Tuna Mayonnaise                         Egg and Salad Cream                  Just Roast Ham                Just Chicken


All our sandwiches are served on Genius Gluten Free bread with the chef’s dressed salad, home-made coleslaw and Lancashire simply spuds crisps. Upgrade to a Gluten Free baton  – £1.20 extra

Local Cheddar cheese grated and served with either tomatoes or Branston Pickle. – £4.99

Free range egg mayonnaise and cress. – £4.99

Tuna mayonnaise with either cucumber or red onion. – £5.99

Hand carved English ham with salad, sliced boiled egg and cress . – £5.99

Roast breast of Honeywell’s chicken. – £5.99

Royal Greenland prawns in rose marie sauce. – £6.99

Toasted Sandwiches  

All available from normal menu – please ask

Just Cheese on Toast – Grated cheddar, toasted on gluten free bread, served with Mrs D’s farmers pickle, with dressed salad, coleslaw and Lancashire crisps. – £6.99

Hot Sandwiches

Please note that all our hot sandwiches are made with gluten free bread & butter and served with fries

Mega Beef Sandwich – Honeywell’s sirloin steak cooked to your liking, served in a gluten free baton with honey & mustard mayonnaise, red onion jam and watercress salad, with real chips and coleslaw. – £10.99

The Club Sandwich- chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise, served on 3 slices of toasted bread. – £8.99

The Famous-Tuna melt, with tuna mayonnaise and topped with melted cheddar cheese served on a gluten free farm shop baton and oven baked. – £8.99

BLT – bacon, lettuce and tomato, with mayonnaise, served on 3 slices of toasted bread. – £8.99

Maple Leaf Gluten Free Extras

 Real chips – £2.49

Skinny Fries – £2.49

Cheesy chips – £2.99

Potato skins – £2.49

Cheesy potato skins – £2.99

Bread and butter (2 slices) – £1.99

Baked beans, or fresh vegetables, gravy or dressed salad – from £1.49

Jacket Potatoes

All potato jackets are served with the chef’s dressed salad

Cheesy cheddar – £4.99

Tuna mayonnaise – £5.99

Bacon and cheese – £6.49

Royal Greenland prawns and rose marie dressing – £6.99

Cheddar cheese and baked beans – £5.99

Maple Leaf Salads Bowls and Platters

Chicken Caesar – Grilled chicken breast of chicken, crispy bacon and fresh anchovies, served on green leaves with Parmesan shavings, French dressing and topped with a soft poached egg and potato chip croutons. – £9.99

Fresh Poached Salmon Caesar – Poached Salmon, served on green leaves with Parmesan shavings, potato chip croutons, French dressing and topped with a soft poached egg. – £10.99

Duxburys hearty Ploughman’s Platter – Hand carved roast ham, Lancashire cheese, sliced chicken, side salad, home-made pickles, boiled egg, potato wedges, Ploughman’s chutney, gluten free bread and seasoned butter pot. – £10.99

Fisherman’s Platter – Royal Greenland prawns, fresh poached salmon, tuna flakes and boiled egg served with the chef’s salad, rose marie sauce and with gluten free bread and butter  – £9.99

Salmon and Prawn Salad Bowl – Royal Greenland prawns and fresh poached salmon flakes served on top of British lettuce leaves, slice tomatoes, boiled eggs and cucumber, drizzled with rose marie dressing and finished off with potato wedge croutons and served with gluten free bread and butter. – £9.99

The English Garden – A traditional roast sliced ham, boiled egg, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, mustard cress and grated carrots. Topped with a drizzle of Heinz salad cream and topped with hot potato croutons. Served with gluten free bread & butter. –£7.99

 Maple Leaf Main Meals

Beer Battered Fish served with real chips, mushy peas, home-made tartar sauce, lemon and bread and butter. – £9.99

Sirloin steak grill served with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and real chips. – £9.99

Pan Grilled Omelette with a choice of ham & cheese or cheese & onion served with real chips or jacket potato. – £7.99

Ham, egg and chips our own cooked hand carved ham served cold with eggs and real chips. – £8.99

Daily specials-please see GF board or ask a member of staff

 Glutamel Pizzas £8.99

Ham, cheese and pineapple

Chicken, bacon, red onion and BBQ sauce

Salmon, tuna and prawn

(V) Mushroom, pesto, tomato and rocket

All pizza’s are served with a dressed salad

Cheesy or tomato garlic bread £4.99

Maple Leaf Sweets

Trio of any of our ice creams, with fruit puree and wafers from £3.99

Please ask or see are Gluten Free range of cakes and biscuits on the front counter

Maple Leaf Kids Meals – £4.99

Two gluten free sausages, fries and beans

Chicken salad with potato chip croutons

Free range fried eggs with buttered chunky toasted soldiers

Hot chicken and chips with garden peas

Ham, egg and fries

Children sandwich and French fries

Ice cream and syrup  – £1.75

Chocolate ice cream sundae – £2.50

Ice cream milk shake and syrups – £2.50

Fruit Shoots, fresh orange or Yazoo milk drinks from £1.20