When you first enter the Maple Leaf Restaurant and Lounge you will notice comfy sofas and people relaxing sipping fresh barrista style cappuccinos and lattes. It is important that you look for the please wait to be seated sign.

Our front of house staff dressed in black. Will greet you and take you to your table of choice and offer you menus you are now booked in. We have four main rooms to choose from plus a dedicated afternoon tea room which sits up to 24 people. We have plenty of high chairs and space for wheel chairs users.

On nice sunny days you may want to sit out and watch the kids playing in the play area. If you are sitting outside and accessing from the patio we would ask you to make contact with a member of staff on arrival as we wouldn’t like to miss you.

We give you time to choose your meal and drinks. Our front of house staff will call back and take your order. Our fully trained chefs will make your meal fresh whilst you relax.

If you are ordering a cappuccino or latte you can watch it being made whilst choosing a cake or maybe its ice cream for the kids. Some customers are happy to go to the coffee counter and order from there.

Your meal will be freshly cooked from local produce. It takes a little time to cook freshly prepared food and often we get complimentary comments about the quality. Our kitchen has a 5 star rating for hygene.

Your meal will be brought to your table along with cutlery and napkins. If you have booked an afternoon tea with us this will also be made fresh and altered if necessary to accommodate particular diets or allergies.

You can use our dedicated afternoon tea room for baby showers, afternoon hen parties, birthday parties or business meetings.

Please ask a member of staff for details or call 01772 336664 or email info@duxburysgardencentre.co.uk or send us a message through facebook.

When you are ready to leave you can pay for your food and drinks at the counter. Then may be a browse around the shop? There is lots to see.

Private Room Tariff

The room is bookable 7 days a week

For meetings, baby showers, birthdays, wakes, family gathering’s etc

Bookings from 10 to 25 people

Room per day with full usage of our catering service off our current menus

  • £50 in total per half day room hire
  • £75 in total per full day room hire
  • Minimum of 10 persons

Room per day with refreshment package no cost for room

  • Drinks on arrival with toast and Danish
  • Drinks and biscuits at lunch
  • Drinks and cakes mid-afternoon
  • Minimum of 10 persons
  • £19.99 per head

Room per day with all day package no cost for room

  • Drinks on arrival with mini bacon buns
  • Mid-morning Drinks and biscuits
  • Hot and cold buffet lunch
  • Drinks and cakes mid-afternoon
  • Minimum of 10 persons
  • £29.99 per head