Healthy Eating Menu

Healthy Jacket Potatoes

All the jacket potatoes are served with the chef’s dressed salad, coleslaw and real butter

Cheesy cheddar – £4.99

Tuna mayonnaise – £5.99

Bacon and cheese – £6.49

Royal Greenland prawns and rose marie dressing – £6 .99

Cheddar cheese and baked beans – £5 .99

Extra fillings from £1.75

Maple Leaf Healthy Salads Bowls and Platters

Chicken Caesar  – Grilled chicken breast of chicken, crispy bacon and fresh anchovies served on green leaves with Parmesan shavings, salt and pepper croutons, Caesar dressing and topped with a soft free range poached egg – £ 9.99

Salmon Caesar – As chicken Caesar but replace the chicken with fresh poached salmon – £10.99

Salmon and Prawn Salad Bowl – Royal Greenland prawns and fresh poached salmon flakes served on top of lettuce leaves, slice tomatoes, boiled eggs and cucumber, drizzled with rose marie dressing and finished off with potato wedge croutons, served with granary bread and butter – £9.99

Fisherman’s Platter – Royal Greenland prawns, fresh poached salmon, tuna flakes and breaded scampi served with the chef’s salad, rose marie sauce and with Cottage Loaf granary bread and butter – £9.99

Duxburys  Hearty Ploughman’s  Platter – Roast ham, Lancashire cheese, gala pie, roast chicken, pickles, dressed salad, boiled egg, Mrs Ds autumn chutney, coleslaw, Lancashire crisps, and crusty bread and butter – £10.99

The English Garden – A traditional sliced roast ham, boiled egg, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, mustard cress and grated carrots, topped with a drizzle of Heinz salad cream and topped with hot potato croutons. Served with white or granary bread and butter – £7.99

Maple Leaf Extras

Real chips – £2.49

Skinny Fries – £2.49

Cheesy chips  – 2.99

Potato skins  – 2.49

Beer Battered onion rings with dipping pots – £2.49

Cheesy potato skins – £2.99

Bread and butter (2 slices) – £1.49

Portion of beans, garden peas or fresh vegetables – £1.49

Maple Leaf dressed salad – £2.00

If you can’t see what you want on the menu ask a member of staff.