Garden Pots For Flowers, Shrubs And Trees

Garden Pots

There are many reasons for choosing garden pots. Plant pots are great way of transforming your garden quickly. The impact can be immense especially when you fill them up with summer bedding plants. Large beautiful shrubs can add structure to the garden and this is when you need over-sized pots and lots compost.

In recent years desire for plastic pots has grown. There are  two main reasons  why some people prefer this light weight version. First they are  easy to put in and out of the car. Secondly there is no risk of cracking in the frost. Choosing small bags of compost  is a great way of saving your back too. Either way help is on hand for you. Remember there are deals to be had as some manufacturers slash their prices in the fight to sell more pots which can only mean a good thing for our customers.

Plastic pots
A small selection of pots available.
Glazed garden pots
Ceramic pots are a great addition to patios and entrances. Many at 50%off

Things to consider

Most of the garden pots on the market are made from clay. Many are hand made in different styles and colours. Choosing  plant pots for your garden can be very personal. Its best to allow enough time to make the right decision. A good tip is to browse the pots then relax with a cuppa in the cafe. Feeling refreshed you are ready to tackle your decision. Another thing to consider is the weight of your pot.

There are a few things to think about when choosing a pot such as the weight. Considering a light weight version maybe the answer especially if you have  a creeky back. These lightweight pots look good anywhere.


Over the years styles have evolved and the competition between manufacturers has become fierce. History tells us that wacky designs are some times adopted or dumped. So why would you consider an unusual design that could be considered whacky? Some people just want to be different than everyone else and choice of pots can reflect a person personality.

Different style of garden pots
Glazed pots with different styles of finish