Barbeques and Shelters


Its a lot easier than you think cooking on a gas barbeque. Barbeques are becoming more popular each year. The simple reason? People just want more enjoyment out of life especially for those who love the outdoors.

Just to grab your attention. We have a great offer for you which is  perfect for those summer evenings in the garden. A Rhyno gas Barbeque with three main burners and a side burner for only £199. We can build and deliver your barbeque within the local area for a small charge. Need gas bottles?

Barbeques by RHYNO
American barbeque by top selling company RHYNO
Barbeque by Outback
Cooking good food on Outback Barbeques is easy

In Australia its a way of life to have barbeques on a regular basis especially because of the nice weather. Did you know you can also spell the word with a c rather than a q? The alternative spelling is barbecue.

Outback is an English designed product which means you should get years of enjoyment. looking after it well will preserve it much better.

Barbeque Shelters

There is more than one way to shelter your barbeque. The one in the photo is a framed covered version. The other alternative is made from wood. Both are in stock while stocks last. after all having barbeques is a summer activity which gives great enjoyment to the whole family.

Shelter for a barbeque
Sometimes it can be a treat to have a barbeque shelter