Which compost?

Which compost is best or which compost is the cheapest these are generally the only 2 questions we answer. When a gardener is looking to buy cheap we have to start the education process by asking  a few questions.

  1. Are you wishing to fill a big hole? If the answer is yes we tend to advise using top soil as that is the most cost effective way of filling a deep hole.
  2. What sort of plants would you like to grow, is it flowers or shrubs?  We would direct the customer to the correct type of compost. We  then offer alternatives lines that could either achieve the same result expected and save  money or improve the outcome.

Compost for lime hating plants
Compost for all uses in the garden
Compost for flower beds, pots, hanging baskets and vegatables

A word of warning about compost.

Not all composts achieve the same results. Be careful when making your choice. Know your plants and remember ericaceuos plants don’t like multipurpose compost at all. Some of the common ericaeous plants are listed below.

  1. Rhododendron
  2. Ezalia
  3. Heather
  4. Camelia

I like to know more about lime hating plants?

In the picture you can see a bag of ericaceous compost. You also know why it exists and what sort of plants like the ericaceous product. Remember when  buying a feed for lime hating plants to only buy ericaceous feed.

How much will I need?

So now you know a little more about compost. But do you know how much you will need? There are two ways of finding out. You either take some home  and come back till you have enough or make a proper calculated assumption.

The best way is to imagine a green petrol can which holds 5 litres How many would you expect to fit in a pot or planter? If its a bigger job then its wise get the calculator out. Or why not just ask a member of staff to help you. To make things easy and manageable we supply smaller bags too.

Compost in different sizes
Large and smaller bags of compost available