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Which compost?

Which compost is best or which compost is the cheapest these are generally the only 2 questions we answer. When a gardener is looking to buy cheap we have to start the education process by asking  a few questions.

  1. Are you wishing to fill a big hole? If the answer is yes we tend to advise using top soil as that is the most cost effective way of filling a deep hole.
  2. What sort of plants would you like to grow, is it flowers or shrubs?  We would direct the customer to the correct type of compost. We  then offer alternatives lines that could either achieve the same result expected and save  money or improve the outcome. Sometimes people who intend to grow vegetables and tomatoes often think anything will do the job.

A word of warning about compost.

Not all composts achieve the same results. Be careful when making your choice. Know your plants and remember ericaceuos plants don’t like multipurpose compost at all. Some of the common ericaeous plants are listed below.

  1. Rhododendron
  2. Ezalia
  3. Heather
  4. Camelia

If you would like to know more about lime hating plants then check out the website by clicking the link https://www.lovethegarden.com/advice/gardening/flowers-shrubs/ericaceous-lime-hating-plants

Advice Please.

Now you know a little more about the subject, there is lots more to learn about all of the different types of compost. Not to mention top soil and bark. If in doubt ask someone in the plant area for good advice on which is best for you.

Then the final questions or requests.

  1. How much will I need? Probably more than you think. Often we see customers buying one bag. Only to return later for another. Talk about wasting money on fuel. We have multi-buys on most compost soil and bark. So there is a saving when buying quantity. All of the bags inform you of the quantity bagged in litres. A good guide is to think about a 5 litre petrol can and how much space it takes up estimate how many you will need to fill your space. For example a typically sized pot like you would see at a neighbours would be 15 to 20 litres say 3 to 4 petrol cans.
  2. Do you deliver? We do deliver often the same day our delivery charges are very modest. Our delivery is more  cost effective than a taxi.