A video about cappuccino

A video on how to make the perfect cappuccino

Duxburys Drinks Menu Look what I found today about the perfect Cappuccino and how to make it before gulping it down with enjoyment.



Going out for a cappuccino can be a great pass time for many people, its the way of the world these days. Many young people simply missed out on the instant coffee boom of the 60s and 70s. The coffee powder was still clinging to the top of the cup edge and tasted pretty awful. The likes of Starbucks made a proper coffee in nice surroundings. So why did it all change? what was the reason for millions of people willing to part a lot more money for a proper coffee?

Cappuccino why do we spend so much on them?

Years ago nobody would have predicted the amount we might spend on drinking our favorite coffee. Through the years people in developed countries have become  expectant in regards of having a better lifestyle. Afterall times where very hard during and after the war. Central heating was becoming more common along with washing machines and dishwashers, then remote controlled tvs and video games. People simply expected more and paid for it. We also expected to visit nice places in comfortable surroundings,

Cappuccinos were widespread in Italy and now America and the Uk too. Starbucks hit on the idea of supplying the ideal venue with nice comfortable surroundings with what appeared to be overpriced cappuccinos. The business model worked out well and others like them popped up all over the place. The truth is we want to spend on ourselves and if that means treating oneself to a professionally made cappuccino with nice surroundings then so be it.

Why are they so expensive I hear you ask?

The cost of the coffee is not really the issue, read below to find out why your cappuccino costs so much.

  1. Coffee costs roughly 5 to 10 times as instant coffee
  2. You need more milk
  3. The barrista coffee machines are expensive to buy (£3,000 £11,000)
  4. Venue costs, rates, utilities such as electric cost a fair amount to keep a barrista style coffee machine going, lots of heaters in them.
  5. The cost of serving, cleaning, washing up, putting away cups etc all costs money.
  6. breakages, a proper latte glass can cost between £7 and £8
  7. Vat adds 20% on the bill.

So there you have a bunch of reasons why we will pay for a cappuccino.


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