Bird seed

Bird Seed and how to know if its top quality?

Bird Seed

Its so easy to pick up bird seed. Its as if everyone is selling it, corner shops, super markets, garden centres and even some fuel stations. But what about the quality? did you know that most bird food packages don’t have any use by or best before dates on them. So how do you know whether you have bought a duff bag. No dates. Well read on to learn how to buy the best bird seed and what to look out for.


Check out the image below and look very carefully at it then read the tips on bird seed

Wild bird care, bag of bird seed.

Quality bird seed for blue tits, coal tits and lots of other birds Special mix with little dust. only £2.59

Follow the tips below when you are buying bird food.

  1. Inspect the bag closely and its contents. In the picture above you can see that the bottom of the bag is clear. There is nothing stopping you seeing that the seed is clean of dust in the bottom of the bag.
  2. When inspecting a bag of bird seed and you find that you cannot see its contents at the bottom, this is the time to consider what could be hidden in there. Cheaper less known brands do this.
  3. Remember quality doesn’t come cheap. It costs more money to have seed clear of dust.
  4. Pick the bag up and make sure it feels like a new bag. Old bags feel greasy to touch. Its as if the oils from the seed have soaked through the plastic. This takes time and I suggest this can take up to 2 years to happen. Potentially you have bird food that will be refused by the visiting birds.


Look for bags of bird seed that show clean seeds at the bottom of the bag. Feel the bag for newness.