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The best advice anyone could give you about aquatics is get the right advice. If you are considering keeping fish as a hobby there are a few things to think about. It is very wise to do your home work thoroughly. Otherwise some costly mistakes might just creep up on you later.

Nik at the Aquarium People is on hand to give you all the advice about keeping fish. Nik ” some fish are easier to keep than others” Come along and see me at Duxburys Garden Centre and I will be happy to help you and point you in the right direction.”

Aquatics a relaxing hobby
Attractive fish swimming in a tank. That is the real enjoyment of aquatics
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Many people think that owning fish is the easiest hobby in the world. How much food and when? Changing the water in your tank how and when? These questions can only be answered by a professional or people with great experience in aquatics.

This is where The Aquarium People come in really useful, not only for their knowledge and advice. But more so for their one stop shop. Setting up a fish tank needs a lot of considering and planning. To find out more check out their website.