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Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets are now in stock from £1.99
Potted spring bulbs ready for your garden now in stock from £1.99
You will no doubt be attracted into our Plant Area where we have a large range of stock to suit any garden.
During the main growing season we stock a vast range of annual bedding plants and herbs to add colour and scent to your garden. 
We offer a potting up service where you can have your containers, pots and hanging baskets filled. Select your plants from the Plant Area and we can plant them in what your chose. There is an additional cost for this service. Please ask a member of staff for more details.
We have a large stock of perennials which will come back year after year, along with alpines and shrubs. This means you will only need to buy and plant once. We also carry an extensive range of Chessum roses with their beautiful scents and flowers.
We are also one of the few stockists in the area for large specimen plants that will give you an instant impact in your garden. There are a selection of ornamental and fruit trees to choose from.
For the more aquatic minded we have a range of stock suitable for ponds and their immediate surroundings.
Not sure you are choosing the right product for your garden? Just ask one of our helpful members of staff to point you in the right direction.
Alice or John, our resident plant specialists will be more than happy to assist you Whether you are looking for advice on your plant or advice on how to look after them.
Any questions please ask a member of staff, phone 01772 336664 or contact us here.