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Wild Bird

Wild Bird Care 

Did you know there are almost 600 species of birds in our country. All of them need to be fed. Of course birds of prey look after themselves. They are beautiful to see gliding and swooping about the landscape. But what about the other birds in Lancashire such as blackbirds.
Why do blackbirds make nests about 5 feet above ground? I found out why only a few years ago. Let me tell you why.
The back of our house faces south towards the nice weather, Lesley and I noticed a blackbird coming and going and rustling in and out of some ivy growing up a waste pipe. We sneakily inspected the nest when the blackbird was off out for some bird food.
Four little eggs sat there in the nest, being cared for by the female blackbird. The female builds the nest, broods the chicks but both male and female feed the chicks in the nest.
One day about two weeks after we had noticed the activity in the ivy. I was just taking in some fresh air right up close to the ivy covered pipe and to my surprise a baby blackbird jumped or fell out of nest but definitely not what you call flying in any shape or form. The young bird ran straight across the lawn and under a large shrub, there are quite a few shrubs for cover in our garden.
At that very point I took more of an interest in our birds and I want to tell you another little story about the same ivy covered pipe.
About a 12 months ago we agreed that a builder would build an extension on the back of our house. The builder started the extension with clear instructions not to disturb the ducks nest at the bottom of the ivy covered pipe. The pipe was going to be moved as the extension was going to be built over the drain.
Excitement built as the hatching day came closer. Lesley had bought an incubator just in case mum had cleared off. The builders had dug all the footings out so there was a big trench all the way way round the ducks nest. Our expectations of seeing baby ducklings in the nest were short lived.
Ducklings hatch all at the same time and about 10 hours later mum takes them off to water. Lesley and I missed out on a treat. Robert the builder rang me in excitement
“Frank the ducks have hatched”
“That’s great! I am on my way to have a look.”
“Sorry Frank, the ducks have gone”
“What do you mean gone?”
In a Romanian accent it didn’t sound too good to me.
I asked whether he had eaten them?
“Believe me Frank, the ducklings and the mum have all gone!”
“And HOW did that happen Robert?”
At this point I thought go back to Romania please!
He went on to explain that he and his men (all good workers by the way) had put a plank of wood across the trench so that the whole duck family could leave easily.
You see even Romanian builders believe in Bird Care!
Why did I tell you these stories?
Lots of wonderful things are happening right now and if you take the time and show more interest in our British birds you will get lots and lots of joy.
Feed the birds in your garden and have more joy.
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