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Pets and Accessories

The British are known as a nation of pet lovers and at Duxburys we have a range of pet food and accessories for most types of pet.
Duxburys are licensed to sell small mammals. We usually have in stock Lop Rabbits and we are expecting the arrival of Guinea Pigs soon.
Dogs and cats are the most traditional pet for most households and we stock feed, accessories, toys and bedding. Our latest brand in stock is natures:menu.Pets
ANCO Naturals treats and chews are also available.
For the small mammal lovers we carry a range of feeds and treats for guinea pigs, gerbils and rabbits. There is also a selection of housing and bedding to choose from.
Canaries, budgies and other caged birds are also catered for with food, stimuli toys and grit in stock.
Have you got hens, then come to Duxburys for your layers feed. The feed is available in small or large bags up to 20kgs.
For wild bird care please click here