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When you visit Duxburys Garden Centre which is in Lancashire for the first time you will notice lots of water features and garden benches near the entrance.
As you wind past all the kiddie garden furniture. we display educationally themed garden products, such as grow your own mini garden with its fairy house and real grass that grows from seed. The butterfly homes where you can see a butterfly go through all the stages from a caterpillar into a beautiful colourful butterfly that you will let go into your garden and enjoy fluttering about the air.
Imagine sitting on your brand new garden furniture. The pleasure of watching your child or grand child letting their butterfles out for the first time. Sitting out there enjoying the nice warm weather sipping your favorite drink or two.
Very often many customers struggle to get the correct information about their desired garden furniture. Not so sure which garden furniture will suit your needs? Here at Duxburys Garden Centre you will enjoy being guided through the different ranges of garden furniture and you are sure to get the right advice to make your perfect purchase this summer.
We will ask you questions like how big is your garden patio, how many guests do you want to seat, is storage an issue or is it just for the two of you?
Customers have different needs and desires. We are here to help you choose the right garden furniture. Its definitely in our interest that you choose the right set. After all we will rely on you recommending us to you your friends and family, we don’t care if they only come and see us for a parasol and base or even a cover for a bistro set every customer will be treated like royalty.
So how do we compare to other garden centres for garden furniture? We are convinced that our garden furniture and accessories are more competitively priced than other garden centres we know. why not check out our competition and find out for yourself? Your conclusion should be lets go to Duxburys Garden centre in Lancashire. They deliver for less than what a taxi would cost and offer an assembly service and the quality is just right. 
If you go on the internet and compare our prices for garden furniture you will have a nice surprise because a lot of internet sites sell garden furniture for more than you might think a garden centre does. What are the chances of it being good quality? And what are the chances of them assembling your garden furniture? When I am out doing quotes for garden work I often see cheap garden sets which are either low in quality or still in a soggy box waiting for Dad to put it together.
At Duxburys garden centre in Lancashire. We hear lots of garden centre customers discussing about our quality garden furniture. Many with aluminium frames that will last for years in your garden. This year in particular did you know you are more likely to purchase a cover for your chosen garden set, why would I say such a thing you might ask? Facts is facts more customers than ever before are realising that they need to preserve what they have purchased. It seems that we are no longer in the throw away world anymore. Buy once and enjoy lots and lots of happy times in your garden.
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